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The Blind Lizard Balkan Band is a Los Angeles based band that performs traditional music originating from the Balkan States of Central and Eastern Europe. Our band explores the music that comes from gypsy and klezmer musicians.   Blind Lizard is strongly influenced by the Balkan brass bands of Romania, Macedonia and Serbia, by the music of Goran Bregovic, Taraf De Haidouks, and Fanfara De La Chetris.


Popular songs of the Balkans

We cover many of the beloved songs from the Balkans. Here are some well known songs:

Opa Cupa


Kustino Oro

Original tunes

We have written original music that will soon be available for sale and licensing. Our listeners will get an opportunity to discover the creative aggregate of our influences from Balkan music and American jazz, reggae and cumbia.


Folk Songs

We can't help but sprinkle in a Russian folk song into our set

when Masha is feeling rootsy!

Where are we hiding?

We aren't hiding, its just one big accordion! We are out performing at venues in the Los Angeles area as frequently as we can. We will be making our way to venues in the Bay Area in 2023. Reach out to us for booking! We would love to play your event. All those who love Balkan Music sign up for notification of shows and releases.

fans and booking agents, join our Rolodex!

Thank you for contacting us!

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